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    Following information is given for Astrologer and client. Please read after download.They may concentrate and understand the further statements and inform us. As per study of astrology perfect guidance can be given, but due to less study and negligible concentration in astrology appears following drawbacks. We have taken necessary efforts and care to avoid the drawbacks in our software.  The drawbacks shown below are along with reality and solution mentioned by us are considered while writing software.

Word used for
Client or Questioner  = who requires guideline of Astrology for his problems.
= Drawbacks
So/ = Solution. Taken care while writing software by us.

Dr/01:- The client does not understand meaning of the received Horoscope and the particulars of Horoscope.
So/01 :- Logic of Graphics map is so very simple that any person can understand our graphic results easily. It is not necessary to understand, the specific astrological wording, to software purchaser or client.

Dr/02 :- Example. There is one client, who is having his own horoscope and he requires guideline for his one question. He visits 10 astrologers in a day. For same Horoscope and same question he heard ten different types of opinions from the 10 astrologers. Is it an astrological science? Can we say so?
So/02 :-  Never! `Blood test report’ of one person will be same, if he will take from ten firms. We have given our Graphic software too many places. If any person will go to our ten software holders and took report of the same question, not only the all ten reports will be same of the question but also the result will be 90% true.

Dr/03 :- The result or clarification of the question asked by the client must be in written. Question of refusal of say, at previous time, does not arise from the astrologer.
So/03 :- As the capacity of decision of this software is always good and real therefore, the software reports always in written. This system is helpful for personal record and research.

Dr/04 :- It is not necessary to know the knowledge of astrology to client. Astrologers use the traditional word while guiding for impression. Some times astrologers use astrological methods also while guiding to the client. Due to this the client confuses. [TOP]
So/04 :- The decisions given in our report are so easy that no one require help to understand the meaning. The client might not need to go else where to understand the meaning result given by us. The report can be filed in his personal record document file.

Dr/05 :- Main important thing is that not only the client must satisfied to the decision given by astrologer but also the decision must be tally with happenings, related to the decisions. As the astrology is a science having some restrictions up to some limit and no one can expect 100% reality from astrology. However normally the decisions must be tally up to or more than 75% to reality.
So/05 :- We have scrutinized several cases, experience and study of 36 years, we have searched the all 42 subjects with happening of the client. Notification in details is declared in Indian astrological magazine. (Refer “Grahankit” of Maharashtra{Pune} from March 1999 to today.) We have shown in this literature that the results and decisions of `Graphics’ are true up to 90% to the facts.

Dr/06 :- As per our study, there is limitation in astrological imagination to find one good incidence and one bad incidence at same period of the person. It is difficult to calculate or imagine such cases in the system of astrology, I hope. [TOP]
So/06 :- The periodical graphic situation is always differing for each subjects which is very important thing here. Therefore periodical situation perfectly shows the particulars of subject in graphic software which is helpful to the client.

Dr/07 :- The study of astrology is so vast that no one can complete it in his whole life, I hope. 12 rashi, 12 Bhaw, 10 Planets, 2 Nodes (Rahu Ketu), minimum 5 implied or results of each category such as multiple No is 14400. There are several types of Yog, and “Aunshatmak” results in the system of astrology. Such as the DATA reach up to 2,00,000 to 2,25,000. Human's memory capacity can not handle this data. Due to unavailable full data in his memory, the astrologer can't explain the accurate result to the client. Isn't?
So/07 :- All types of rules and regulations of astrology, systems with their parts are taken into consideration. We have taken numerical effects of the (full) data into Graphics to get accurate (implied or) results. Due to this missing memory, error in numerical calculation or system of calculation, forgetting the various types of methods may not arise in our software because these are all comprised.

Dr/08 :- Client brings only horoscope (square image) to the astrologer without other details of astrology. As per astrological science there is no use of such simple square image because the astrologer will not go deep for predication of client by this way. The ancient and traditional scientist rejected this method and declared that instead of full details predication will not tally.
So/08 :- Question of above incorrect procedure does not arise. The decision can get so quick that the astrologer and client do not waste of time.[TOP]
:-  Today there is a new practices that the astrologers suggest remedy for the problems of client as per their personal thought. These thoughts or idea are not suggested in astrology.  The suggestion is also differ as per the example given in Dr/02 of ten astrologers.
So/09 :- It is true that the client requires not only decision as per astrology but also suggestion or solution for his problem. As per our study the ancient and traditional books, there is no chapter to study for such suggestion or solution of client's problems which are being given today.  We try to guide only as per astrology and avoid this illegal personal opinion or imaginative power.

Dr/10 :- No one should expect free guidance however astrologer may declare his or her fee and practical rule. The client must know the conditions regarding payments, while taking guidance. Some times it is seen that payment is being taken as per condition (i.e. miens, dress, mode of life) of client. Client pays 20 Rs. at one place and for same question and same guidance he pays 2000 Rs. at second place.
So/10 : - It is true that some persons hope lot of free guidance or in nominal fee only, it is not correct, but our practice is differ. The rates are already declared and same for any person, including computer expenses and stationary. Question of above misguide does not arise.

Dr/11 :- There is also one practice today that the astrologers give guidance with help of personal opinion, personal thinking, and perverted imagination power. Some times minor problem seem a big problem due to this wrong guidance. Due to this wrong practice client suffers in difficulty.[TOP]
So/11 :- As per our opinion above practice is not making satisfactory to the client also there is no unanimity of option among the astrologers. Man never found perfect cause for his escaping from problem. We have not adapted this illegal practice for astrology.

Dr/12 :- Some times astrologer handles the client as per his situation i.e. Poor, Rich, educated, uneducated. He gives guide differs to each category.
So/12 :- Same as per So/10. Question of this practice does not arise.

Dr/13 :- There is another incorrect practice today in astrological circle. The baseless procedures are adapted for guidance by the astrologers. The baseless practice such as “Tell me flower's name”, “Tell town's name”, “Pick up any thing from the Box and give me (as the parrot pull out one pocket)”, “Tell any numeric number” etc. After getting it he gives guidance to the client. This has not fixed foundation of thinking as per astrology.
So./13 :- There are several procedures for guiding and for that I have no comments. But if we are working as an astrologer, then above systems are not involved in astrology hence it is wrong. Astrological foundation thinking is depends upon real facts such as Birth time, Birthplace, situation of sky portion and planets from (earth or) birthplace. However question of using above baseless practice does not arise for us.

Dr/14 :-   The client not only asks for guidance but also period. He mainly requires periodical guidance but he could not get perfect guidance. So periodical perfect guidance is necessary.[TOP]
So/14 :- We hope that each and every question must be related with periodical situation. Our graphic software gives periodical graphs of each question. This is the main and important benefit of this software.